How to show the only the Week number's Date in Date time picker? &
  • Hi Coders; I have some doubts . I hope you will clear it.
    I have to Show only the week number's of the Date in date time picker.
    for an example if the week number is 27 means the Date time picker shows the respective week number's date (Monday to Sunday). and the week ends that is Sunday and Saturday should me in Enable . Plz help me  
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  • hi akwin can you please give detail example with figures that what actually you want ?
  •   DateTime Day_Today = _GetRepo.GetToday();
                DateTime Day_First = Day_Today.AddDays(1 - Day_Today.DayOfWeek.GetHashCode());
                DateTime Day_Last = Day_Today.AddDays(6 - Day_Today.DayOfWeek.GetHashCode());
                ASDatePicker.MinDate = Day_First;
                ASDatePicker.MaxDate = Day_Last;
                AEDatePicker.MinDate = Day_First;
                AEDatePicker.MaxDate = Day_Last;
    I got it Waqas. thanks a lot waqas
  • thanks for feedback that you resolve issue and thanks for share code .

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