Disable and Enable Network Adapter from vb.net
  • Imports System.Management

    Dim managementClass As New ManagementClass("Win32_NetworkAdapter")
    Dim mgmtObjectColl As ManagementObjectCollection = managementClass.GetInstances()

    Dim myObject As ManagementObject = Nothing
    For Each mgmtObject As ManagementObject In mgmtObjectColl

    If mgmtObject("NetConnectionID") IsNot Nothing AndAlso mgmtObject("NetConnectionID").Equals("Local Area Connection") Then
    myObject = mgmtObject

    Dim result As Object = mgmtObject.InvokeMethod("Disable", Nothing)
    End If


    ' Write your code here which will execute before enable network interface

    Dim result3 As Object = myObject.InvokeMethod("Enable", Nothing)

    You have to 'Add Reference' (right click over project, from menu select add reference). Then go select the System.Management class and click OK.

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