shortcut keys of visual studio 2010
  • Ctrl+S                  Save current file
    Ctrl+Shift+S         Save all files
    Ctrl+Shift+N         Create new project
    Ctrl+O                 Open file
    Ctrl+Shift+O        Open project
    Ctrl+Shift+A        Add item to project
    Esc                    Close menu or dialog
    Ctrl+P                Print
    Shift+Alt+Enter   Toggle full screen mode
    Ctrl+F4               Close current tab
    Ctrl+F                 Find and replace dialog box
    F3/Shift+F3         Find next / find previous
    Ctrl+H                 Display Replace options on the quick tab
    Shift+F12            Find all references for selected symbol
    Ctrl+Shift+F        Find in files
    Ctrl+F3/Ctrl+Shift+F3       Find next / find previous in selected text
    Alt+F12             Find symbol
    Ctrl+D               Put cursor in find/command box of the toolbar. Use ctrl+/ in Visual C#
    Shift+Alt+F12    Quick find symbol
    Ctrl+G              Goto line number
    Ctrl+]               Go to matching brace in source file
    Ctrl+x, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+V     Cut, copy, paste
    Ctrl+Shift+V     Pastes an item from the Clipboard
    Ctrl+Z              Undo
    Ctrl+Y             Redo
    Ctrl+W           Select current word
    Esc               Cancel Selection
    Ctrl+A           Select All
    F6                Build solution
    Ctrl+Alt+F7   Rebuild solution
    Ctrl+Break    Cancel build process
    Ctrl+\+E       Show error list
    F9               Toggle breakpoint
    Ctrl+B          Insert new function breakpoint
    F5               Start debugging
    F11             Debug / step into
    F10             Debug / step over
    Shift+F11     Debug / step out
    Ctrl+Alt+Q   Show Quickwatch window
    Ctrl+Shift+F10     Set current statement to be the next executed
    Ctrl+Alt+E    Show Exception dialog box
    Ctrl+F11       Toggle between disassembly and user code view
    Shift+F5       Stop Debugging
    Ctrl+F5        Bypass debugger
    Ctrl+Alt+break     Break all executing threads
    Ctrl+Alt+S   Open Server explorer window
    Ctrl+Shift+L Open Solution explorer window
    Shift+Esc    Close Find & Replace Window

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