Footer not Going Down in HTML/CSS
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    I am designing a website has a header, a right side and a left side and  a footer. But unfortunately Footer is not Going down at the place where i want to place it/ Code is

    <div id="wrapper">
    <div id="header"> Header text </div>
    <div id="Leftside">LeftSide</div>
    <div id="rside">Rside</div>
    <div id="footer"> FOOTER </div>

    CSS IS

    #wrapper{margin 0px auto; width:1000px;}
    #header{ width:100%; text-align:center;}
    #leftside{width: 30%; float:left}

    Please help. i want to show this in following structure
    |                 HEADER                                       |
    | LEFTside |            RightSide                           |
    |               |                                                     |
    |                      FOOTER                                  |

    But it is not showing Ok/
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    Hello Please add following in Css file
    #footer{width:100%; clear:both}

    Try and i am sure that this will work.
  • Thanks phpCoder. this worked ok..

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