Hide Paragpaph in Jquery

  • This is Paragraph Hiding javascript




       <%-- HIDE PARAGRAPH--%>

        <p onclick="$(this).hide();">PARAGRAPH HIDING</p>
         <p id="hide">

    You posted a question as an solution which was probably not want you
     If you have a question or comment about the original question use the
    "Have a Question or Comment?"
    option beneath the question.
    On the other hand if you have a similar problem your best option is to
     your own new question, for this use the "Ask a Question" button
    at the top of the page.

    Using an solution like
     this will give the people the impression that the
    question has been answered and perhaps not look at it,
    causing the OP
    not to get an answer to his/her question.

    Please move the content of this solution to the
     appropriate section and
    remove the solution.

    Thank you.


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