KERNEL-SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE in Dell Inspiron N5110 in Windows 8
  • Dear Reader

    I have a Installed Windows 8 on my Dell Inpiron
    N5110 Laptop. It was working fine but since last 3 or 4days it is having
    some issue. Each time when i start my PC it shows  me an error with
    blue screen which has written


    at last line of Error.

    tried Re Installing Windows 8 but still the same issue. Also tried
    Installing Windows 7 but When Windows 7 Installation Finishes the System
    Restarts and Shows a blue Purple (Dark Blue) saying Your System BIOS is
    not ACPI Compliant.

    I have tried Installing Windows 7 and Windows 8 several time but still the issue persists. Please help.


    Sajid Manzoor

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  • hello waqas
    Many thanks for your reply.
    Issue has been resolved. but still i have issue while installing Windows 7

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