Where can i learn HTML and CSS
  • Please suggest Where can i learn HTML and CSS

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  • There are many websites available for HTML/CSS Learning. You can learn from


    and many other websites are available. Just google for them

  • www.alison.com
    Download Utorrent.com 
    then go on torrentz.com then search Lynda HTML Css Toturial 
    And Just Download Torrent Of LYNDA SCHOOL COMPANY " HTML CSS JS " 
    They are Awesome, w3schools are just for basic but lynda will teach you advance also , and What you learn from lynda just google every word to know in depth and also practice your self its complete package to know html OR email me at info@umairdeveloper.com i will send you some resources regarding HTML 5 ! first just learn html 4 to how know and then go for HTML 5 because nowadays HTML5 is going awesome ! 

    Umair Razzak
    IT Director At www.csvpl.com

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