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    is an Inter-University competition where you can test your mettle in
    Gaming, Programming, Robotics, Designing, networking, mobile
    applications, desktop application, poster designing and Development


    Importance of Information Technology in the present times can hardly be
    over emphasized. We at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University are aware of its
    tremendous potential as a source of income and prosperity to our

    Keeping this in view, and our desire to interact with
    the industry and other educational institutes we are organizing the 8th
    event of SPARC (Software Programming And Recreational Competition) “SPARC 2013”; the 8 Grueling modules include (find details on modules.pdf):

    Speed Programming Competition
    Hardware & Robotics
    Desktop App Competition
    Cyber Gaming Competition
    Web Development Competition
    Photography Competition
    Mobile App Competition
    IT Quiz

    After seven successful events, with over thirty universities
    participating every year, we are resolute on organizing the SPARC 2013.
    We have continually shown mastery in organizing such a large-scale event
    in past and have been graced with prestigious guests on the occasion.

    Information Technology has matured from a handy practice to a trade or
    an industry, which now claims the discipline of day-to-day unraveling
    progress. SPARC in its way contribute the drastic and divine growth of
    this industry, it prepares the bewildered brains to the forthcoming
    challenges and expectations. SPARC is not only the pursuit of ingenuity
    but is also serving as a means to dissolve the communication gap between
    the industry and the students belonging to various renown universities,
    striving for a bright future. SPARC does not only allow one to flaunt
    their veiled flairs but also gives you the opportunity to meet the most
    influential people of the industry. As one knows that communication and
    professionalism go hand in hand so at SPARC, we make efforts to allow
    all our participants to grasp the industry’s latest trends focusing on
    industry’s diversified demands.

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