How to create pages in joomla??
  • I do not know any thing about the joomla. please describe it :)
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  • Hello anasabdullah.
    Please follow following steps to create new pages in Joomla
    1- Login to Joomla Administration
    2- Goto Articles -> Create a new article or content -> article manager -> Add new article
    3- Create a new article and save it.
    4- goto Menus->Main Menu ->Add new Menu item
    5-at next page please select Menu Item Type Articles -> Single Aticle and then Input Menu Title. At right hand side select the article that  you have created in step 2 and 3. and then Press Save.
    6- You are done creating a new page in Joomla.
    Check at your website. It should be shown in Menu Bar/ Menu module

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