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  • She reports news, entertainment and happenings in the society. She has been in the Journalism field for 4 years. She has been invited on various occasions as a key speaker at different events. She has also been a subject of discussion on various Tv Stations, Radio Stations, Newspapers and on-line programs. She has hosted many celebrities in the previous ranging from entertainers, politicians and philanthropists in the society. Lol that is what they introduced me as. Our aims and objectives, mission and targets will come up as quickly as doable. But meanwhile, I told them I want to be the 1 to introduce our 1st post.

    I don’t want it to be boring, mainly because to me, this shouldn’t be. It is a factor of Joy it is one thing God has commanded, so let us do it with gladness. Before I commence, let me speedily say this. This is NOT a show off. To the glory of God and to the shame of the devil, most of you know I have a preferred blog and I can use that to attain what ever publicity I want. Please, Ladun didn’t do this simply because of any individual. I have been undertaking this for a long time, correct from my secondary college days.

    Could be not providing meals to individuals, but I give out money a lot (from my pocket dollars). Even to my friend’s parents. The only purpose why I am placing this up is mainly because I want folks to know that you ought to not be a millionaire or celebrity just before you get started giving. You shouldn’t say, nicely I have not constructed my personal house or have different automobiles in my garage so I can not give. The question should really be, if Ladun can do this, then why can’t I. Finally, think me, I was forced to place this up. Honestly I hate exposing myself. But the truth is I intend to take this significant.

    This is my second job. Helping the widows and the needy in the society and that is final. So the day before yesterday, 22nd of December, we went to ALAPAKO Village in Ifo. We decided to go there for the reason that no organization has ever paid them a check out before now according to the Village Head (Baale). Let me take you via ‘our fun’ journey. Nevertheless on our way. It took us an additional 30mins to get to the village when we left the express road. It was quite far. The initially particular person we saw. Some of the children that came to welcome us.

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    This man is one of the handful of educated persons they have in Alapako village. Following the Baale spoke to us, he welcomed us and we began distributing what we brought. Some of the gifts (above). There was rice, vegetable oil, sachet tomatoes, maggi and salt inside every carrier bag. And we gave it out to 104 villagers. Mama also came out to collect hers. We had been told there is an old lady who is a widow and can not walk. So we went to provide her gift to her at house. Lastly, Baale with his own gifts. One of his kids carrying the gifts inside. These are the few pics we can place up for now.

    As a matter of reality, the Baale wanted us to take one particular of his children with us to Lagos. He complained of lack of cash, care and so a lot of items. So we gave him some cash and told him we will be back soon. I mean, who will want to give out his son to a total stranger, if not for poverty. We hope some sort hearted Nigerians are reading this and will be willing to join hands with us to do this collectively for humanity. There are still a lot of places to visit and we still cannot ignore Alapako village too. Thank You so a great deal.

    Is cyber hacking the new trend? The blog was yesterday evening April 24, 2013 hacked by 1 ‘Archangles Organization‘ with her dwelling web page instantly replaced with the hackers page. The hackers have been also fast to place up their Facebook, Twitter and RSS Feeds. A handful of hours later, the hackers have been shut out and the blog restored. I do not know how it happened. I just discovered out i couldn’t login into my gmail yesterday evening following I logged out about 4omins ago from it. And ahead of I could say something I had started receiving messages on twitter about it been hacked. Went on the website and alas it was true‘. But God used somebody to enable me restore it with the help of google. It was tuf, we restored it, they got it back, but at the extended run, we fully got it back. Thank you.‘, she continued. The question begs, who’ll be the next victim of these cyber criminals? All Rights Reserved. Please use sharing tools. Do not cut, copy or lift any content from this site with out our consent.

    Get the most up-to-date news and entertainment updates direct from the Ladun Liadi blog. All news and gossip from Nigeria and beyond. Disclaimer: This app just lists and displays RSS feeds for easy access. It does not claim to be impersonating any parties. You can now share posts on your favourite social media website - Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and much more. Get the most current news and entertainment updates direct from the Ladun Liadi weblog. All news and gossip from Nigeria and beyond. Disclaimer: This app simply lists and displays RSS feeds for straightforward access. It does not claim to be impersonating any parties.

    Choc City rapper, Ice Prince and blogger, Ladun Liadi have been unveiled as brand ambassadors of Skye Bank in a new campaign to get celebrities talk about how they created it from the zero stage to becoming heroes. Already, the advert for their new campaign is running on national dailies and as effectively as major radio stations. Confirming the new deal, Ladun shared the very good news on her blog, saying: ‘The Skye Bank campaign is about celebrities talking about how they produced it from zero to hero. Myself, Ice Prince and a further CEO were utilised for the campaign. I am the only female and it was challenging cus a lot of significant names came up, but I made it. It’s a One particular YEAR DEAL and it runs into millions! All Rights Reserved. Please use sharing tools. Do not cut, copy or lift any content from this website without the need of our consent.

    Reports reaching Gistmania is not a satisfied a single at all, as an additional celebrity marriage allegedly hit the rocks once more! According to a incredibly trustworthy source, and I imply extremely reliable, Dabota Lawson’s marriage has sadly hit the rocks just eight months soon after having married to billionaire Sunny Aku. Even though the source didn’t state what led to the marriage breakup, but we can tell you the marriage is no far more. Well if she thinks we are not saying the truth, she can get in touch with us out on social media, then, might be just then, we can speak far more.. Certainly the roof is on fire. We just hope they match points up. The couple have always looked great together and Dabota has been an envy of all specifically to those who like to marry older guys. Need to have I tell you not to forget you read it here initially?

    Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Nairaland Forum / Science/Technologies / Webmasters / Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Naijaloaded .com Has Been Hacked / My Cpanel Has Been Hacked. Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Mercie1: 8:31pm On Apr 24, 2013 Hey guys! I'm a real major fan of llb. Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! JideTheBlogger(m): eight:47pm On Apr 24, 2013 They are idiots na. Blog will be restored quickly even though. Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! I am a genuine significant fan of llb. Like Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Pls, tell them to free me ooo. Na beg I dey beg oooo. Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked!

    Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Pls, inform them to free me ooo. Na beg I dey beg oooo. Lol. Are you kidding me? You feel any one can hack into google's servers? Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Oluviral(m): 12:21am On Apr 25, 2013 Excellent its back.. Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! It was no joke! The hacker had modified core wordpress files! Some comments spam could no longer be deleted as the check boxes in front of them had been surgically removed. The bulk action button at the major was also gone! Properly, just about gone, it had been partially hidden with only about 2% of its bottom showing. The only salvage was to export an xml file but even that was limited in the help it could offer!

    Final resort, back up the whole factor and start off from fresh! For these that still feel the hackathon is a joke, take heed! Wordpress users, locate and set up this safety plugin: Greater wp safety. Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Lol. Are you kidding me? You feel any one can hack into google's servers? Attempt employing password as your password and see if you wont get hacked! Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Try using password as your password and see if you wont get hacked! Says the dude who doesn't know the accurate meaning of the word "Hack". Initially, which slowpoke would use password as their actual password?

    Secondly, stealing someone's password and formally logging into their account is not hacking, it indicates that particular person was not creative adequate and a person appropriately guessed their password and stole their admin account. Hacking is writing malicious code intended to break into someone's laptop, database, or file storage space making use of tactics like shell execution, sql injection, e.t.c. This is mostly directed at the host and on the server where the actual files and database are stored. What do we login to blogger with? So it really is some thing google can solve easily. And good luck to everyone attempting to hack into a Blogspot server. Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! On Apr 25, 2013 I'm glad it is back anyway. Likes Re: Ladun Liadi's Blog's Been Hacked! Can cyber hacking be the new trend? What is the will need?

    With dust but to settle on that unfortunate incident, there are confirmed reports that the common blogsite, Ladun Liadi Blogspot has also been compromised. When did you learn that your blog security may well have been compromised? Ladun Liadi: Some minutess soon after 7pm yesterday (Wednesday) evening. The NETng website was also hacked recently, what do you consider is the purpose of these hackers? Ladun Liadi: I wouldn’t know. Do you assume both incidents are somehow connected? Ladun Liadi: I have no notion. Has it crossed your mind that this could be a reaction to a story you might have published, could it be some form of retaliation? Ladun Liadi: To be honest I don’t feel so. I haven’t published any story any person can obtain offensive of late. I just consider the hackers are just becoming funny.

    What actions are you presently taking to restore the weblog to standard? Ladun Liadi: Hopefully, we guess it is totally back now, just nevertheless functioning on my recovery mail option. Do you intend to report the attack to relevant security agencies for additional action? Ladun Liadi: We have already completed that. What message do you have for your readers? Ladun Liadi: God bless them all. The really like was so considerably yesterday till midnight. I also woke up to see their messages. Never knew men and women loved us that much. I am so grateful to God and to my forever bright, loyal, funny, intriguing readers.

    New surfacing on line claim that the after lively Revival Victory Chapel International is now a shadow of itself following the sudden demise of its’ spiritual leader and founder Pastor Elijah Iretiola Ajanaku. The reports additional claim that loved ones members of the late Prophet are presently at loggerheads over who gets the lion share of the home he (prophet Ajanku) left behind. Ladun Liadi reports that "Family members of Late Pastor Ajanaku have been coming about to see what he left behind. Not only have they been parading his dwelling, they are largely interested in his fleet of automobiles and they have been discussing on how to move the cars and who deserves the ideal. According to a source, any moment from now, his household members will be back to move the exotic automobiles out. We also heard that, no weekly activities have been taking location in the church considering that their founder died.

    The layout of the web-site is equivalent to most blogs, but the content material on the web page is not a private account of one's life, and also you are not receiving any beauty guidelines or how-to articles. The net design is easy in truth, it's a bit too basic, which functions to the detriment of the internet site, to some extent. The Ladun Liadi news blog does not have a right menu, both at the header and footer. A site without a header menu is like a body devoid of a head. Additionally, the web site also does not have a right logo of any sort.

    It is just plain text positioned in the prime-centre of the website that not just looks amateurish but also operates against the all round branding of the web site. The lack of a header menu is not just losing points on the aesthetic front but it really is also letting the internet site down a bit in terms of functionality. In other words, it is really hard to uncover out articles that belong to a certain subject or category. There is the rather inconspicuous search button on the left that tends to make things a bit less difficult, but it nevertheless does not completely make up for the lack of a appropriate menu bar. By the way, the site publishes news content and also a lot of exclusive content material, along with some spiritual and religious write-ups.

    Though there's no conventional Make contact with Us web page, you can nonetheless get in touch with the author or the webmaster. There is speak to particulars put out on the left sidebar of the web site, which consists of a couple of e mail addresses and a phone number. For general queries and business enterprise talks, you can put in an email. The quantity, on the other hand, is strictly for advertising enquiries. Now coming back to the major supplying of Ladun Liadi news, which is its content. The internet site is inundated with content. This is not just mainly because the weblog has been around for very some time but also because there's really little time gap between posts. In fact, a new post comes up on the web page literally in a matter of minutes. This busy posting schedule has not just kept customers frequently glued to the weblog but it has also helped the blog significantly in terms of its positioning in the search final results and the resulting recognition. As far as internet style is concerned, there is really a lot of function to be completed. As aforementioned, a correct header menu would bode well for the site. Also, some design alterations would make the internet site appear a bit much more expert than what it looks now.

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