Lagos shuts down fifty unlicensed Nationwide Lottery shops
  • The Lagos State Government at the weekend said it had prosecuted over 50 defendants participating in prohibited lotteries operations in the state.

    The state government thus warned that it would bring the total weight of the law against any operator without proper licence from the Lagos State Lotteries Board.

    Chief Executive Officer of the board, Mr. Lanre Gbajabiamila revealed this in a statement on Friday, noting that the state government would no longer let prohibited lotteries operations in the state.

    According to him, over 50 defendants have already been arrested and prosecuted previously by the Lotteries Board for engaging in illegal Lottery operations.

    He added that security operatives "have been mandated to go all out in the metropolis and arrest anyone found operating without permit and authorisation in the state lotteries board."

    Gbajabiamila insisted the board "remained the only statutory regulatory body for lottery and associated activities in the state."

    He clarified the board was established by the Lagos State Lotteries Law 2004 (as amended) and authorised to license and controls gaming activities conducted inside the state.

    He clarified that the board problem nor recognises 'sports lottery license/permit' or 'promotional lottery licenses' by whatsoever name called inside the state for operations.

    Against patronising illegal operators Gbajabiamila therefore guided members of the general public.

    He listed some of recognised licensed operators let "to conduct lottery and related actions in Lagos State to incorporate Premier Lotto Limited (Babaijebu), Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited (Wonderful Opportunity lotto), Winlot Global Resources Ventures Limited (Winlot), Superior Games Limited (Big Games) and Softplug Gaming Nigeria Limited."

    Others are Get Elevation Nigeria Limited (Nairabet), Winners Bookmakers Nigeria Limited (1960bet), Marawin Limited (Sportybet), KC Gaming Networks Limited (Bet9ja), ChessPlus International Limited (Surebet247), Merry Bet Gold Limited (Merrybet).

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