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  • For Sadiq Abdullahi, the operator of a sports betting shop at Utako, Abuja, sports betting is all about upholding the sacredness of the contract between punters and the operators of the gambling sites - paying the punter as promptly as she or he wins his or her bet on the basis of the ‘unbreakable’ promise ensconced in the call-and-stake contract. Wager right, get paid Abdullahi would claim.

    For Shina Phillips, a punter at Garki Area 10, Abuja, sports betting is much more about ‘fooling’ most of the punters to ‘fleece’ them of their hard-earned cash with the instrument of the enticing promises of a manifold wages for passion, as the bet9ja motto would say, ingrained in a ‘deceit-based’ contract.

    So is the case here in Abuja, as it may well be the case everywhere, Phillips preserves.

    Either way, the online sweepstake called sports betting is all about cash - the punter dreams of winning millions of Naira, for instance, a maximum of 50 million Naira dangled by bet9ja, the acclaimed marketplace leader, by staking merely one, or a few, hundred Naira notes; the operator of the gambling website, running as a legal business enterprise, rakes into his bank account countless millions of Naira apparently in the stakes set on the faulty forecasts of the majority of the punters at a given time.

    Because it is a government- legalized business enterprise, it is also about money for the government in the form of the percent of the collections made by the operators to be remitted to the National Lottery Trust Fund based on the provisions of the National Lottery Regulatory Act.

    As at reporting time, the National Lottery Regulatory Commission created by the said Act of the National Assembly was still compiling an extensive list and important records of the operators in the FCT "and so we cannot tell you comprehensively who and who are running here, how many of them are operating here, and the total amount of stores in which they operate," Magnus Ekechukwu, Head Media and Public Affairs of the commission, said.

    "We happen to be mapping (compiling records of) the agents and subagents of the operators since April 2015, and we have been still encouraging them to come forth and register their existence with the commission as required by the Act to empower us regulate and monitor their operations accordingly," Mr. Ekechukwu said additionally, warning, "we're on the brink of driving them to do so, because the deadline has expired since February 16, 2016."

    Mr. Adolphus Joe Ekpe, the Director-General of the Commission, stressed: "We are giving all operators up to the next June to come for the essential mapping with us and many of them are reacting. On his own any sports betting operator that has not presented himself for mapping will be from July, because that will function as the time when we will begin full enforcement of management according to the Act.

    "We have reached an arrangement with the EFCC that beginning with that time any operator not registered with us will be accused of running an illegal company that was fiscal, ripping off the citizens in their cash, and the EFCC will pick him up. We need to have a comprehensive record of them to empower us completely enforce conformity with the Act and perform monitoring roles and our regulatory.

    The current scenario, according bulk of the players, underscores the chance for grave default option when it comes to the legally-required remittance to the Trust Fund and the fleecing of punters on the part of the operators in terms of the percent of sets required by the Act to be paid to them.

    The Act stipulates that the operators of the online game of chance pay 50 percent of these collections to the players called punters, remit 20 percent to the Lottery Trust Fund meant for financing such development projects as may be directed by the President of the Federal Republic, while withholding the balance of 30 percent as their gain.

    This Act provides for the operation of the national lottery and the establishment of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission charged with responsibility for the regulation of the company of national lottery in Nigeria along with the establishment of a National Lottery Trust Fund.

    It, therefore, empowers the commission to correctly regulate the operations of all lottery businesses, which include sports betting company, and protects the interest of players, stockholders and the public.

    With the name of the game being Money, sports betting stores have quickly proliferated, most clearly in the last couple of years, across the nooks and crannies of the Federal Capital Territory and its satellite towns, with the fire of the desperate money-monger outside to harvest as tremendous amount of money as he could from the giant ‘cash-yielding’ tree called Abuja, said to come close to the nation’s commercial capital, Lagos, in terms of the gains and other fortunes achievable with such businesses.

    The cash is sourced from the ever- strengthening passion for football rooted in the minds of the millions of the youthful soccer supporters flooding the FCT and its satellite towns who swarm TV screening centres to see the foreign leagues after calling and staking.

    A substantial percentage of these youth apparently rely on the sports betting sweepstake as a ‘veritable source’ of a huge ball of the cash they may have pursued from wherever they hail to Abuja or, at least, as a ‘veritable source’ of the pittance they need for simple sustenance.

    For bulk of Abuja punters, however, sports betting is all about addiction, as was the pools betting of old, which it replaces.

    "All games of chance are about addiction; the more you play them, the more you get addicted; and you play with them out of compulsiveness minding not whether you will win or lose if you are hooked. If you win, you're joyful; if you lose, you happen to be miserable, but depression for loss doesn't restrict you from playing tomorrow," Mustapha Mohammed, a punter at Saharabet, maintains, monitoring, "I believe this pathetic situation of the player builds the strong foundation which the betting business thrives."

    Why Abuja players should not be ungrateful for the operators Sadiq Abdullahi said: "The come, bet, if they win they are instantly given their cash by us and see the football matches. Gaming means, the punter comes, tells the teams he or she desires to bet to us.

    He does the gaming himself or he asks us to do it. At the end of the games you see your consequence. If you win by the result about who wins between your selection teams affirming your bet, we give you your ticket."

    He said sports betting company booms in Abuja because, "the folks’s love for football has jumped so high now, partially because a sizeable populace of the youth has little to occupy them, and instead of only seeing matches without gaining anything, they resort to gambling. I trust you WOn't be surprised to learn that even women come here to gamble.

    I must confess the company is moving," Abdullahi said, describing, "you can wager N100 and win N3 million. The maximum we pay in bet9ja is N50 million. With a stake of N100 you are able to win up N49 million. With anything above N100 N50 million." can be won by you

    He said the punters playing to hundreds on daily basis in his shop run.

    For David Jones, the luck for winning and getting paid that much in the game is not as certain as Abdullahi painted it: "A punter yesterday in my presence wager seven times at N150 each stake before he could win N20, 000.00, and that is an especial chance. You can be playing for quite a while without winning anything. Many people play simply as they are used to it, but they do’t win anything."

    Mohammed Aminu shared perspectives with Jones: " I began gambling two months ago. I play strictly for the curious of it, but I have never won a dime. I gamble between N500 and N100, but I've never won anything; you're able to see why I said I play due to interest."

    Sports betting as harmful to the economy of both the individual player and the country were discounted by Shina Phillips.

    It just isn't developing the economy of anybody or any nation. It develops the economy of just the operators," ", he said, admitting last year I began, and I 've been winning meager amounts but my maximum triumph so far is N7000. I stake between N200 and N500.

    "I do’t support the youth to get addicted to it, because it really is a waste of money. I play up to five times daily before winning anything at the end of the day with the stakes I just told. Enormous populations of the youth assemble morning to evening at the betting shops, but bulk do’t win anything tangible, in fact they do’t win anything," Phillip said, keeping, "From the misfortunes of this bulk, the operators make their hundreds of millions.

    "So I 'd advise the youth rely on something else less high-risk and to withdraw from gaming he said. Noel Orerumba is the operator of a SureBet store.

    " sports betting to societal ills as a panacea are seen by me. It reduces the rate of perpetrating crimes among the youth, who constitute majority of the criminals in the society. On carrying out activities that are criminal as an alternative to absorbing their heads, they come here every day, play; some win, some lose; those who win their cash are paid by us, which they use to offset their bills.

    You can see that they get money without carrying out any unlawful activity like militancy or robbery. Someone would wager, say, at the end wins and N300, say, N5000.

    It is, in addition, a very dependable way to obtain employment; a shop operator like me can use four to five others among teaming jobless on the streets of Abuja to help the business runs," he said.

    However, merely comprehensive records of the residents and operations of these sweepstake websites, agents, subagents and store operators would ease their appropriate regulation and monitoring according to what the law states, for the advantage of the stakeholders - the operators of the company, the players, the stockholders and government represented by the National Lottery Trust Fund.

    Sports betting firm, Bet9ja, in line with its set doctrine of rewarding folks’s passion, has again paid out an enormous bonus win of N36,702, 316.98 to another winner Nwakama Uzoma .

    Based on the CEO of KC Gaming Network, Ayo Ojuroye, " In line with our assurance of constantly rewarding our customers’ fire, we just paid a huge winnings of N36,702,316.98 to one of our victor Nwakama Uzoma with Gamble slip Number: B941AQPSTTZQE-21949.

    "The victor used our on-line platform by staking merely N500.00. I’m happy to tell you the winner has been issued with his cheque. We'll continue to strive to serve our customers to the best of our abilities. We'll always operate in line with established conditions and within the ambit of the regulatory agency."

    Ojuroye affirmed that " Our company is anchored on trust, so we'll continue to serve our customers larger and better."

    Speaking on his win, Nwakama said my life has altered once and for all. I did’t believe I could win much at once and be paid instantly. Bet9ja really surprised me and I will constantly tell folks about their ethics."

    KC Gaming Networks Limited is a company based in Nigeria and possesses the online betting portal (sometimes additionally They are completely licensed and regulated in Nigeria and hold the permit to run in all states where sports betting is permitted.

    Their technology centre is based in Europe which ensures all customer transactions as well as protection and dependability of the systems. Their customer service businesses are based to ensure the customer service is consistently top-class quality. They hope to set the standard for online, mobile and retail betting in Nigeria.

    The minimum withdrawal limitation is N5000 and the maximum is N9,999,999 and they are typically processed within 24 hours. Simply Naira debit cards are taken and these are Mastercard, Verve and eTranzact. The minimum deposit limit is the maximum limit is NGN 1,000,000. and NGN 100 The maximum payout on sporting events is NGN 20,000,000. offers an unique bonus on multiple wagers by the addition of a 170% additional bonus to all winning bet slips with the very least of 5 selections.

    The web site offers a data page where players can see the newest data so that you can put better wagers and stand a better possibility of winning. The results page enables player to see the livescore page and all the latest results enables players to see immediate results from live games. They likewise have about ten different tutorials that users can see on the website that explain the best way to place bets, how to enroll, how to make withdrawals, how to deposit with Zenith Immediate Bank transfer and how to use gaming market arrows to place a bet. offers a big list of sports available to bet on which include soccer, tennis, basketball, motor sports, horse racing, American football, baseball, handball, rugby, ice hockey, cycling, golf, Australian sports, badminton, beach volleyball, pesapallo and snooker. In addition they offer live gambling where players can bet from all over the world as they are happening. Bet kinds comprise head to head, over/under, first team to score, winner, first team to score, winning margin, greatest goalscorer, odd/even, right score, podium, goal difference and winning team.

    The casino offers table games, scratch cards, slots, draws and numbers. Table games contain Red Dog, European Roulette, Classic Blackjack, Punto Banco and Mahjong. Scratch cards include Manga Beach, The Big Match, Mystery Mansion, Pirate Instant and Jewels of Anubis. In the draws and amounts section players can locate games. are seeking representatives and players who'd like to open a franchise. Start a franchise online and players can register to be a partner. Some of the benefits of starting a franchise are that Bet9ja pays all risk and customer losses, set-up support for hardware is supplied and commission rates centered on turnover.

    Sign up here and get a 20% bonus on your first deposit > Click to Join

    The way to finance your account that is bet9ja

    There are 4 easy means through which to fund your account that is Bet9ja. The minimal amount that can be deposited through each process is N100 and the maximum amount is N9,999,999.

    1. UBA Instant Bank Transfer:

    Accounts can be financed by transferring cash at any UBA Bank in Nigeria. Request the teller to deposit the money to KC Gaming Networks using the Bet9ja account number that's listed on their site and Bank Gather. Supply your Bet9ja User ID which is supplied on the top right hand corner of the site when a player is logged in. The teller will likely then validate the payment and the account that is Bet9ja will instantly be credited free of charge. Constantly keep the receipt as proof of payment.

    2. ATM or Debit Card:

    By using your ATM or debit card you're able to fund your account with Bet9ja. Simply access the deposit portion of the Bet9ja web site and click the Cards link. Then, enter the amount you wish the details that are crucial, to fund and continue to " Make Payment". Choose your payment choice and choose send. It truly is that simple.


    Their account that is Bet9ja can be funded by those with accounts at GT Bank through GT Bank internet banking. Just log into the GT Bank official site and access your internet banking section. An inventory of retailers will appear, once you select "Payments". Choose "Bet9ja" from this list. Next, enter your unique User ID and the sum you wish to finance and continue. The account will instantly be credited totally free once payment has been made.


    As a way to finance your account that is Bet9ja go to any Zenith Bank in Nigeria. Inform the teller that you simply wish to deposit cash to KC Gambling Networks. Make sure that you have your unique User ID available, which are available on the top right hand corner of the site that is Bet9ja when an user is logged into their account. The teller may ask several security questions before processing the payment. The account that is Bet9ja will immediately be credited free of charge once the payment has been made and the customer should keep the bank receipt for future reference.

    All you have to do to qualify is enter the precise promotion code Bet9ja requires.

    Paste bet9ja promotion code while creating an account: SPORTMAX

    Get up to a 100% bonus based on your first deposit. Code Bet9ja gives you the chance to to grow your bankroll, and they'll up the bonus amount based on the amount of your deposit.

    This review will provide you with all the background information you the way to maximize your winnings using the promotion code SPORTMAX that is Bet9ja and need to know on Bet9ja.

    Bet9ja is a Nigeria based on-line sports casino and betting web site. They've a secure and safe platform for online betting, optimized for the Nigerian market. The business is licensed to lawfully operate in Nigeria, holding the Lagos State Lotteries Board permit, the Sportsbook and Gaming License hold permits to operate in all States where sports betting is allowed in Nigeria, and issued by the State of Osun. They offer odds on odds on other parts of the world and important occasions in Europe. In addition to the everyday value of sports betting at Bet9ja, you can also receive a bonus on multiple bets when you input the Bet9ja promotion code: SPORTMAX. Read on to hear more about this special promotion code Bet9ja the way to put it to work for money being made by you, and will reward you for.

    Not only does their web site provide a great variety of gaming markets, but they also make the deal sweeter. Code Bet9ja rewards their customers with a money-making bonus. All new customers are entitled to receive this bonus. To receive this offer, all you must do is enter the SPORTMAX and you will end up automatically qualified to receive this money-making deal. The full terms of the promotion code Bet9ja offers are recorded outside in the Bet9ja Promotion Code Terms and Conditions section.

    To qualify because of this offer and receive a bonus up to 100% – make sure you use only the promotion code Bet9ja has approved. It’s so simple to get, simply continue with this review and you're going to get all the information that is important. You are going to learn the best way to use your Bet9ja promotion code to get this bonus, along with get suggestions on other offers and gambling markets.

    Input Your Promotion Code that is Bet9ja:

    To be sure to use the promotion code and follow the correct procedure Bet9ja requests, all you have to do is read these simple directions. The procedure is quick and simple, so you’ll be ready to enjoy the benefits of your in no time. Have your Bet9ja promotion code: SPORTMAX prepared so you are able to enter it. You must be a resident of Nigeria to make withdrawals and to start an account.


    Go to the home page that is bet9ja codes and meaning. Click the red Register link at the very top right hand side of the screen.

    Make sure that SPORTMAX is entered into the Bet9ja Promotion Code field, and submit your form.

    Fill out the enrollment form as instructed.

    Code Bet9ja gives you exceptional benefits. Remember to use promotion code that is Bet9ja: SPORTMAX to receive your bonus.

    The Bet9ja Promotion Code entitles you to the Match Bonus 100% Up To ₦100,000.

    Just how the promotion code bonus that is Bet9ja works is fairly simple.

    When using this promotion code Bet9ja gives you, the next conditions apply:

    SPORTMAX – this is the signal for the bookmaker that you really want to recieve the bonus while registering remember to use a promotion code that is bet9ja.

    Just users that are new have possible to recieve the bonus that is exclusive.

    Make a down payment.

    The deposit sum has to be between 100 and 100,000 Naira.

    If you deposit 2,500 Naira, you will get 2,500 Naira additional.

    To withdraw the cash you need to wager the sum for bonus and deposit 5 times.

    In our example it’s (2,500 2,500)*5=25,000 Naira… Just then you'll be able to draw the bonus.

    Remember to only bet on bets with odds higher than 1.79 (1.80 and more).

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