Bet9ja to commence operational foundation in the South-East and South South
  • Buoyed by the tremendous success of its own operations in the South West zone that has seen it emerge as the number one sports betting company after only a year of operation, bet9ja mobile phone has concluded plans to boost its operational base in the East and the south south area.

    In line with the chief Executive Officer of the business Ayo Ojuroye," we intend to continually increase out operations in the nook and crannies of the nation. Thus, we've concluded plans to open more offices in the east and the south south area of the united states.

    In order that our customers can have our representative at their beck and call, we also expect to apply more agents throughout the country. We realize the strategic importance of the area to our company and we want to empower plenty of people as well.

    We now have made folks that were jobless millionaires depending on their, passion, we have taken our company to new heights plus it can only just get better"

    Bet9ja was established last year with all the goal of honoring folks through their passion for sports.

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