Nigeria's Gals Soccer League about to Get the job done Collectively with Bet9ja
  • The Nigeria Women Football League has concluded arrangements as the title sponsors of the league, proponents of the my bet9ja .com, to partner the KC Gaming Network.

    "Talks have reached the final stage with KC Gaming Network, the owners Bet9ja to come into the League as our title sponsors for the Nigeria Women Premier League. We have been discussing together, and there appears to be light in the end of the tunnel. We are now set to help it become public and the Memorandum of Understanding would soon be signed. It is a good thing for our Women Football League, and whatever that accrues from the deal will go a long method to decrease the load of our clubs.

    In his statement, the Chairman of KC Gaming Network, Mr. Kunle Soname described the Nigeria Girls Football teams as the most successful among all the national football teams in the state. "It's no gainsaying our girls have been the most successful among all our national teams. They have been to date from inception in 1991 to the whole FIFA Women World Cup finals; they played up to the quarter finals in USA 1999. They have been to almost all the Olympics except the 2012 Games. They've dominated the African scene, winning the Africa Women Championship seven times, and also the age grade teams usually are not doing badly, together with the U20 girls playing since beginning in 2002 and reaching the final.

    "These are no mean achievements, and we felt that the best thing we can perform as an organization is to support the League that has been producing these players that have been positively projecting the picture of this country. This is our little way of giving back to the society and also ensuring the girls are further empowered through the sport of soccer.

    He further disclosed that signing of the agreement would take a matter of days, after all the paper works must have already been completed.

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