How to convert multiple event into one for all textboxes in
  • Private Sub TextBox_KeyDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As KeyEventArgs) Handles TextBox1.KeyDown, TextBox2.KeyDown, TextBox3.KeyDown, TextBox4.KeyDown

    If e.KeyCode = Keys.Enter And Me.TextBox1.Focused Then
    MessageBox.Show("TextBox 1 Enter")
    ElseIf e.KeyCode = Keys.Enter And Me.TextBox2.Focused Then
    MessageBox.Show("TextBox 2 Enter")
    ElseIf e.KeyCode = Keys.Enter And Me.TextBox3.Focused Then
    MessageBox.Show("TextBox 3 Enter")
    ElseIf e.KeyCode = Keys.Enter And Me.TextBox4.Focused Then
    MessageBox.Show("TextBox 4 Enter")

    ElseIf Me.TextBox5.Focused Then
    If (e.KeyCode.Equals(Keys.Tab)) Then
    End If
    ElseIf Me.TextBox6.Focused Then
    If (e.KeyCode.Equals(Keys.Tab)) Then
    End If
    ElseIf Me.TextBox7.Focused Then
    If (e.KeyCode.Equals(Keys.Tab)) Then
    End If

    End If
    End Sub
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