Getting Started with Swift / iOS 8 development
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    In this discussion i will tell you about some basic steps for getting started with Swift / iOS 8 Development. But before starting there are few question that should be answered first. these questions and there answers are as follows.

    1- What is Swift ?
       Swift is a brand new language for developing Apple Mac OS X, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad Applications. Apple announced Swift few months ago (year 2014). but apple worked on this language for years. Apple and Developer Chris Lattner started working on Swift in year 2010. Developers took ideas from C#, Java, Python and Objective C and tried to make this language most enhanced simpler and easier.  Swift is much easier to learn as compared to any other language. 
    2- What is iOS 8?
        iOS 8 is the new version of Apple's Operating System for iPhones, iPads, iWatch, and other hand held devices. Its features and specification will be explored later on.

    3- Why Should i learn/ practice Swift or iOS8 ?
        As we know Google's OS android is growing day by day due to being open source, But still Apple's iPhone have a big market share due to their satisfied customers. Apples gadgets might be costly but they have good quality and better performance as compared to Android Smartphones, After apple announced iOS 8, iWatch and iOS8 features like health-kit, Apple pay etc apple iPhone market share is again increasing and there are lot of chances for developers to build quality and better applications and mark their position at Apple Store.

    4- Is there any specific tools needed for Swift Development ?
        Yes you will need a Pc running Mac OS X maverick or Yosemite. xCode to code and build applications. both Mac OS X and xCode can be downloaded free from Apple App store. 
     If you dont have apple Pc then you can install Mac on a Virtual machine using Vmware or Virtual Box. You can also install Mac OS using Hacknistosh Techniques.

    Getting Started

    When you are ready with your  Mac PC. go to App Store, Search for xCode and download and install xCode from there. You will need apple developer account. This will be free but for publishing your applications to store you will need a paid Developer account.
    Free Apple Developer account will allow you to download development tools, development guides and necessary help.for better understanding of programming techniques you should read Apple Resources related to development.

    When you are done with setting up xCode please download and read following free eBook from Apple Store, The Swift Programming language and start learning form this book. This book is suggested and is quite easier for New developers as well as experienced ones.

    Read and Watch Resources videos and Books provided by Apple. You can view and download these resources here 

    Read Swift Tour- A Basic and easy Swift Guide by Apple here. If you don't want to learn from eBook

    Watch Free Courses at 

    Thats it for today.
    These are few easy steps for getting started with Swift. and believe me you can learn Swift with 10-15 days if you learn from above resources. You can also search resources for google or ask for help at forum. 

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