SQL Join on three or more tables
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    I want to get data from 3 or more tables in SQL using c#. Please tell me what should i do. My tables are


    I want to get following values
            item_id, Item_name, category from tbl_items
            project_id, project_name, Address form tbl_projects 
            Allocation_id, startDate and EndDate from Tbl_allocations where item_id and Project_is is equal to above tables.

    please suggest how can i do this,.
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    your sql query will be like this.

    select * from tbl_Items
    Inner Join tbl_Projects on tbl_Items.Item_Id=tbl_Projects.Project_Id
    Inner Join tbl_Alloction on tbl_Items.Item_id=tbl_Allocation.Item_Id and Tbl_Projects.project_Id=tbl_Allocation.Project_Id

  • I hope It will help you
    select * from tbl_items
    Inner join tbl_Projects on tbl_Item.Item_Id=tbl_project.Item_id
    Inner join tbl_Allocation on tbl_items.Item_Id=tbl_Allocation.Item_id and tbl_Projects.Project_Id=tbl_Allocation.Project_Id

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