Refreshing updated data in DtatGridview
  • I have two Windows Form say Form1 and Form2. Form1 is the main form where datagridview1 and two buttons are available. datagricview1 displays all the data while form1 loaded. Form2 is used for adding data to database. When I click a row of the datagridview1, it opens the form2 and all columns data are transferred from Form1 to Form2 in its required controls. But the form1 is still opened. I update some columns in the form2, its gets updated succesfully. Now I want that when data gets updated it should refresh the datagridview1 available in form1 also at the same time.
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  • i will suggest you to use timer control on form1 and retrieve data from database after specific time using tick event of timer control you can get hint from this link in this link when user click login or log out button so its auto change status in grid.
  • Ramesh Sir,it's seem you did not understand my query at all. I asked that if I change or update data using form2 then it updates successfully in the database. The updated data should replace the previous data displayed in datagridview1 in form1.

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