How to Secure Login Form using sql server DB
  • Hello i created a login form using SQL SERVER Backend but my login form password textbox also accept this type of input

    1) 1′ OR ’1′=’1--
    2) abc' or 1=1-- 

    is this anyway to protect my login form avoiding this type of inputs?
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  • Write a custom function to validate password input before send data to sql server table.You can use String.IndexOfAny(char[] anyOf) method to accomplish this.For example

    public bool ValidatePassword(char[] mychars)
       return true;
      return false;

  • Some examples:
            // A.
    // Input.
    const string value1 = "Darth is my enemy.";
    const string value2 = "Visual Basic is hard.";

    // B.
    // Find first location of 'e' or 'B'.
    int index1 = value1.IndexOfAny(new char[] { 'e', 'B' });

    // C.
    // Find first location of 'e' or 'B'.
    int index2 = value2.IndexOfAny(new char[] { 'e', 'B' });
  • Hi Hussain
    Jaguar777 example is best if want to accept some character you can also try keypress event and can restrict user there.

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