Microsoft HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist Certification For Free
  • MicroSoft is offering Free HTML5 and CSS3 Certification for Free of cost. You can get this certification by visiting and then Clicking on Create a new account.
    After Creating a New account please click Schedule a test and then follow steps shown on Screen.
    For Free Certification Please enter Coupon Code HTMLJMP when it asks you for Code. 
    if you need any help or have questions please reply to this post. FREE HTML5 and CSS3 Study material can be found here

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  • Now Its Expired badluck 

    But i heard as MICROSOFT reissue coupons on june july by sure as am MICROSOFT STUDENT PARTNER and MCS i will update you guys when ever it will be available :)

    Umair Razzak
    IT Director At
  • Thanks Umair i will wait for next chance.

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