• Microsoft Lauched New OS version Windows 8 a year ago as a beta version and now its final released was announced on october 2012. After announcement of Final version of Windows 8, all Mobile Phone, tablets and computer manufacturers companies are focusing on Windows 8 OS for Future OS for their Products. This is becuase Windows 8 has many powerful features that makes Desktop application easier. 
    For Windows 8 application development we just need is a Windows 8 installed on our PC, Microsft Visual Studio 2012 and a little knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
    We can also develop Windows 8 Application using C# and XAML.

    Windows 8 application development is quite easy. and is very useful as one app will work on Mobile, tablet and PC.. No need to create Different version for different devices.

    I will try to keep you updated about Windows 8 Applications tips and tricks and tutorials from time to time

    Take Care. 
    Have a nice day

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  • nice sharing sajid keep it up.
  • You are Welcome Waqas

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