How to withdraw money from in pakistan
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    I have account on and i bit on some task and complete this task and i receive payment in my profile now i want to withdraw this payment to Pakistan in my Bank Account and i want to know how can i withdraw payment in Pakistan.

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    Withdrawing payments from or or is most discussed topic now a days among all freelancers in Pakistan. Many IT professionals want to start working as freelancer but they stop planning working on these websites because they don't know how  to withdraw amount from or other Freelance markets in Pakistan. Withdrawing money from or any other Freelance market is quite easy. You just need a bank account in Pakistan and account and money at or any other freelance market place. Following are Some ways for withdrawing money from to Pakistan or Pakistani Bank account.

    1- Using Skrill (also known as Moneybookers).

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    You need skrill or moneybookers account to withdraw amount to Pakistan. You can apply for a free account at after creating an account at skrill you will need to verify your bank debit card. Skrill will deduct some amount between 1 US$- 2US$ from your card. in order to verify your card you will need to tell the Skrill how much amount has been deducted from your card.
    After verifying your card you will need to verify your address. Skrill will send verification documents to your address and you have to verify your address using that document(s).
    After  the verification is completed now you can withdraw amount from to moneybookers/skrill and then you can withdraw amount to your Local Pakistani Bank. You will need Bank Swift Code and IBAN to withdraw. Now a days almost all banks provide SWIFT and IBAN to their customers. I am using Summit Bank and Standard Chartered Bank to withdraw amounts from Moneybookers/Skrill.
    Moneybookers withdrawl fees is 3USD +2.5% approximately.

    2- Debit Card. (Payoneer Card)

    imageimage also provides master debit card. this card is also known as Payoneer Card and its is cobranded by, or You can withdraw funds using Payoneer Card at any ATM in Pakistan. Fees for each withdrawal at Local ATM using Payoneer Card is approximately equal to 400PKR or 4 US$.  Whereas Cobranded Payoneer Card maintainence and other fees varies according to freelance market. You can see a complete list of Fees at 

    For and co-branded card fees please ask their Support.

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