Some basics of SEO
  • Most of People want that their Site should be in Top Search results in google or yahoo and this can be done by Following some simple Steps.

    Create a list of keywords, and then shortlist the keyword that are more important for your business or website. Keywrod is defined as a word or term that a user use to search results for his query.

    Step 2:
    Create Meta tags for your website. meta tags are some HTML codes placed inside your <head> </head > section of your website. Some are

    <meta name="title" content="Some Title Here">
    <meta name="keywords" content="HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript">
    <meta name="description" content="Free Web tutorials">
    <meta name="author" content="Ståle Refsnes">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">

    Make sure to use your keywords in meta title, Keyword and description so that google read it and cam match and store your document easily. Following image will describe use of Description, title and keyword tags


    Step 3:
    Create H1 and H2 heading in your page and must use Your keywords in H1 and H2 keywords.. Also use  your keywords maximum times in your articles and text.
    For your images use alt and title attributes. and use your keyword inside alt and title tags and example is <img src="/images.jpg" alt="My Keyword" title="my keyword2" />

    Step 4:
    Add more content to you content so that google has a variety of content on your site to index and save it. you can place content under some of following headings/categories.
    • Blog Posts
    • Industry Articles
    • Tutorials & How To Guides
    • Infographics
    • Videos
    • Podcasts
    Step 5:
    Create and submit a sitemap of your website to google via google webmaster tools.
    Must monitor traffic via google analytics.

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  • Thanks a lot very nice efforts sajid.
  • Waqas just Learn quick:) i need seo worker for my projects 

    hope you understand:)! that how its worth! you just start to learn and you get offer :)!

    Umair Razzak
    IT Director at (personal)
  • Yes off course i will try my best umair :)

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