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  • hi ,you are fine  ??? Please i heard about cloud computing what mean about cloud computing  ??   and I'll put a website to cloud computing  how I can do it ???  please answer me  ,good day for all :) .
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    Hi fadoua,

    Cloud Computing explanation in simple word is that Cloud represent internet which offer service and application to user or client so user don't need install all services in our hardware where we accessing this service or application simple example of website we don't need to install whole database and website code in our PC for access it we just need browser for access website.It database and code of website exist on internet means on cloud.

    Keep in mind it was just basic example of simple understand that what is cloud computing.
    if want to use it in Microsoft project then use

    Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Thanks so much Sajid Designer for your reply thanks for all my heart dear friend :) . good day .
  • thanks so much Suraj   :) , Please how can i put a site web free hosting using windows azure thanks so much for your reply  :)  .good day  ..
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    i found one link try it for free azure hosting
  • I have no words to thank you Suraj really Thank you for all my heart   dear  friend  :)  .
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    Hello Fadoua
    Following image will describe you in detail about Cloud Computing

    Actually the Word Cloud Computing is used to express a theory or phenomenon about Sharing of resources and data on multiple devices at internet and via internet.
    In Cloud Computing 3 or more than 3 computers or devices are interconnected to each other via a real time communication network to share their resources at the same time. 
    Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence. In Cloud Computing Resources or Data is shared among multiple devices simultaneously. A real Example is about a banking network.
    Lets take an example about Standard Chartered bank. 
    Now a days Standard Chartered Bank is offering many services to their customers/users. some of them are
    1- Internet Banking: You can access your bank account details via web any where and any time. and you can also make transactions
    2- Mobile Banking: You can access your bank account via Mobile application or by SMS. You can see Transactions and can perform transactions viaSMS
    3- Phone Banking: You can perform transaction via phone call over a landline and can also check your bank balance etc
    4- Offline Banking: You visit Bank and banking officers performs your required transactions after confirming your account number. Sometimes you check your banking statements by requesting to Banking officer etc. Banking Officer perform all these on a laptop or desktop device.

    You have noticed that on all the different devices your or doing similar tasks and this happens only because bank have hosted their data on a cloud and all data is intercommunicated with all devices with the help of cloud computing. 

    Hope this example will help you to understand Cloud Computing easily..

    Remember Windows Azure is not cloud computing, it is just a tool or space to share your data or resources with multiple devices.

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