Getting Started with Jquery Mobile development using Visual Studio and Phonegap or Appache Cordova
  • Hello Reader
    Many friends are and newbie developers are asking me about JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 Mobile Application development using Visual Studio and phone gap. So i decided to start a new discussion where users can get a quickstart guide on how to prepare a development forum for JQuery Mobile development using Visual Studio.
    First of all you will need following tools to start development.
    1. Windows 8 OS
    2. Visual Studio 2012 or newer version
    3. Windows Phone 8 SDK
    4. Appache Cordova o (Also known as Phone Gap).
    You must have Windows 8 installed on your pc to start mobile development using JQuery Mobile and Visual Studio. If you dont have Windows 8 installed than you can do JQuery Mobile development using Eclipse and Android SDK and Phone Gap. or you can start development using Windows Phone 7 SDK, Visual Studio on Windows 7 pc
    First install Windows 8 Os and then follow steps below

    Step 1: Install Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Phone SDK
    Step 2: Download and Install Apache Cordova or Phone Gap
    • Download a latest copy of Apache cordova and extract it in a folder any where in your Hard disk.
    • Open the file lib\windows-phone\templates\standalone\CordovaSolution.sln in Visual Studio
    • From the file menu, select 'Export Template...' - Choose template type 'Project template'
    • Give the exported template a name, ex. MyApplicationTemplate-2.1.0 and it will produce
    You may add Template image, Description etc. after filling details now press finish.

    Step 3: Set up a new project.
    • Open Visual Studio and select new project.
    • Select MyApplicationTemplate-2.1.0 
    • Give your project and click Ok.
    Step 4: Your Project Structure
    • There are a lot of things that you may need to review in your project structure. But in Jquery mobile development the main thing is www folder.this folder contains cordova, JavaScript files and HTML and CSS. any thing you add in this folder will be a part of this project.
    Step 5: Deploy Emulator and Build project.
    • Make sure you have selected Windows Phone emulator near debug or run or play button at top bar. If you have not selected Windows Phone Emulator then please click arrow button next to Debug button and select Windows Phone Emulator, now press f5 for  Debug/project run. 
    and Done.

    Thats all you have finished setting up a new project for Jquery Mobile Development using Visual Studio/
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  • Hi Sajid thanks for this kind of nice sharing but i want to ask few things that

    Q1- Why should i use Jquery Mobile and Phone Gap if i know any other mobile development languages.

    Q2- Can i install Windows Phone SDK on any version/Bit of Windows 8.
  • Hello Waqas

    These are two good question that you should know. and answer are:
    1- You should use JQuery Mobile and PhoneGap because
    • jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 are the languages that you can learn easily.
    • There is a lot of Free and Paid resources available on internet for learning JQuery , HTML and CSS3.
    • Designers/Developers who are already familiar with Jquer and HTML can also use their skills to develop and deploy Mobile applications
    • you can create Cross platform applications that will work on all mobile devices such as  Android, IPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian and Bada etc.

    2- In order to intsall Windows Phone SDK you should have a 64 bit PC and Windows 8 64 Bit Installed in it and Hyper V Ram should be enabled in your PC.

  • Hello Sir,

    I need to know about cordova.js file, which creates while project builds. I want to get the path of cordova.js for each platform.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • Hello. 

    I will suggest you to create a seperate Discussion so that other people can also participate and reply ti this post.

    a Quick Solution is put your cordova.js file at the root of your application and then simply access this by 

      <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="cordova.js"></script>   

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