add records in Database from Datatable and Dataset without insert command

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    Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet()
    Dim MyDataTable As New DataTable("temporary_TableName") 'Must Specify Table name otherwise dt return table with Name Table1

    ' Dim MyDataTable As New DataTable


    'Dataset require Table name beacuse it can consist of multiple tables so Tablename must specify
    'At all places mapp datatable name which will return datatable object

    Dim LoadAdapt As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * From aa", con) ' Get Records from Database
    LoadAdapt.FillSchema(ds, SchemaType.Source, "temporary_TableName") ' Fill Records into Datatable from Dataset
    LoadAdapt.Fill(ds, "temporary_TableName")

    Dim cbSQLCOMB As New SqlCommandBuilder(LoadAdapt) ' Command Builder works here as a insert command
    Dim dr As DataRow

    dr = MyDataTable.NewRow()

    dr("a") = TextBox1.Text '' Column Name to where put Data
    dr("b") = TextBox2.Text

    LoadAdapt.Update(ds, "temporary_TableName") ' Map Temporary Table to database

    DataGridView1.DataSource = dt


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